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Here Are The 5 Most Innovative Products Unveiled At CES 2017

The world’s largest electronics expo is taking place in Las Vegas, and tech companies of all sizes are trying to wow visitors. Apart from getting an early glimpse of the most cutting-edge smartphones, laptops and TVs that’ll launch through the year, CES 2017 also boasts off truly innovative products. Here are a few products that […]

CES Announces the Most Innovative Tech Products for 2016

CES recently announced the honorees for its 2016 Best of Innovation award, a yearly competition that seeks out the best designs and engineering advancements in technology products. Each category has a three-member judging team that evaluates the products based on the criteria of engineering, design, function, features, and how the product directly compares to competitors […]

40 Greatest Product Innovations of the Modern Age

hirty years ago, most of the products in our lives left much to be desired. Outdoor gear was heavy and cumbersome. Consumer electronics were fickle. Clothing couldn’t withstand the elements and vacuum cleaners sucked, so to speak. But today? Wow. Everything is all-powerful, lightweight, autonomous, and built to outlive your grandkids. It makes you wonder […]